If God is a King, That Makes Me a Princess Book




Introducing Loretta A. Morman’s new illustrated children’s book entitled “If God is a King…That Makes Me a Princess.” This new book tells the story of a smart, savvy and sassy 8 year old girl named Victoria who discovers her God-given identity of being a princess! Through colorful and fun drawings, Illustrator Natalie Marino brings Morman’s story to life in order to promote positive self-confidence and self-worth in young girls. Morman hopes to encourage girls all over the world to understand that since God is our King of Kings, we were born into a royal family and each of us is wearing our crown every single day. The crowns may not always be onus, but they are always IN each of us. This exciting read will leave girls with the confidence and confirmation that true princesses are real-life girls who are extraordinary creatures living in an ordinary world.


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