Meet Loretta

Loretta Forbes is a licensed therapist, certified personal development and executive coach, empowerment speaker, and self-esteem advocate who has traveled nationally to empower girls and women to gain a healthy and wholesome sense of self-worth.

With an educational background comprised of degrees from Michigan State University (B.A. in Psychology) and the University of Chicago (M.A. in Social Service Administration), her studies — coupled with years of experience working with adolescence and young adults— makes her a dynamic force in the realms in which she services.

Often described as relatable and charismatic, Loretta provides a wealth of knowledge— as she has the ability to transform the ordinary nuances of daily life into teachable moments. Always exhibiting love, compassion, and self-assuredness, she has a knack for customizing her messages and delivery in ways that will permeate to impressionable audiences, no matter the demographic. With such versatility and an extensive resume of achievements, she is an unstoppable force that is influencing multiple generations.

Loretta makes being a superwoman look easy— as a wife, mom of three, and entrepreneur. Beyond that, she is a board member (and alumna) of Mercy High School and Federation of Youth Services, an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., co-founder of Women & the Well, founder of Sabbath (women’s wellness retreat), and participates in various philanthropic initiatives. Additionally, she has published two children’s books and is the owner of Purposed Party— Girl Power on Wheels.

Her multi-faceted works have captured media attention, as she has made appearances on Detroit’s Fox 2 News, PBS, Metro Parent magazine, Dr. A.R. Bernard’s podcast, and Cheryl Martin’s Show. Plus, she was a Michigan Chronicle 40 under 40 award recipient, has received Krave Honors, and a Spirit of Detroit Award.

A gifted speaker who uses life experience and practical fundamentals as a way to connect with and captivate her audiences, she proves her ability to understand the world’s ever-evolving trends by maintaining a mentality that is honest, open, and transparent to better serve others in their personal spheres.

Her accomplishments are proof her teachings are tried and tested because she knows success does not come easy. Just as she conveys such messaging, she’s authentic in showing her personal journey, which is still evolving.